Green gas is a sustainable, drop-in replacement for natural gas. There are a number of technologies that produce green gas such as anaerobic digestion or power to gas.


Bio-substitute natural gas (BioSNG) is a green gas produced by the thermal and chemical conversion of wastes and biomass. It is an affordable, low carbon gas that can be used to heat homes and power vehicles.


Cadent (formerly known as National Grid Gas Distribution), Advanced Plasma Power and Progressive Energy have worked with other partners to build a £5 million pilot plant that has successfully demonstrated production of BioSNG from refuse derived fuel. Construction of the first commercial facility, costing £25 million, is underway and it will commence operation in 2018.


Green gases, such as BioSNG, offer the simplest and lowest cost solution to decarbonising heat and transport. The pilot and commercial plants are essential steps in developing this important technology.

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