The Project and Partners

The pilot plant is an important step in commercialising the BioSNG technology. This is achieved through the construction of a test bed facility to demonstrate technical operation of the process and assessment of its environmental and commercial attributes.

The plant has been developed by Cadent (formerly known as National Grid Gas Distribution), advanced waste to energy and fuels company Advanced Plasma Power, clean energy firm Progressive Energy and Schmack Carbotech.

Project Funding

Strategic backing and contributions towards the £5 million project have come from Ofgem’s Network Innovation Competition and the European BioEnergy Securing the Future (BESTF) ERANET programme. The ERANET programme is a consortium of eight EU Member States and Associated Countries to provide funding to collaborate on innovative bioenergy demonstration projects.

Project Timeline

The project commenced in March 2014, construction of the plant was completed in 2015 and experimental work commenced early in 2016.

May 2013

Design study completed

Nov 2013

Project awarded funding

Apr 2014

Project start

Sep 2014

Final design and safety review assessment

Jun 2015

Visitor centre build completion

Sep 2015

Plant installation completion

Nov 2015

Plant commissioned

Mar 2016

Testing programme of process plant components

Jun 2016

End to end process demonstrated

Feb 2017

Optimisation of process and completion of testing

Latest News